Sunday, July 29, 2012

Singing songs of boredom

Bored? I have some advice.

I sent a text to my friend the other day saying that I was bored stiff and had no idea what to do. Later I read this quote,

           And I was like, oops. 

This makes me want to have the energy to do things all the time. Crazy things. Like make a treasure map and follow it to something you buried in the ground earlier. Go into an elevator and do things like make explosion sounds anytime anyone presses a button. Kidnap someone in the middle of the night and have an unbirthday party. With real china and a birthday cake that explodes. Learn how to speak French. Take a road trip to the coast for absolutely no reason at all. Watch a movie outside projected on your stood up trampoline. Write a novel. And publish it via Facebook post. Become an expert on wildlife of South America.

                                                                   JUST ADVENTURE.

I have realized that I have only 24 days until I move into an apartment and go to college.

                    I know,

      I know.
                    I can still adventure then, but this is summer. I have not made the most of it.
I hereby make a vow to never again be BORED. You all as my witness. And if I ever say it, feel free to..... remind me and shoot me with....a marshmallow gun. Cause then I would get mine and we would have a battle and then I wouldn't be bored any more.


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