Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Love

When summer's gone,
Our time is done,
There's no more time for just,
Havin' fun.
And all we have,
Is what we remember,
From when we met,
That cold December.

Walks in the moonlight,
Dancing in the snow,
Singin' songs of romance
Till the rooster crows.

This was the beginning of something new,
I know I'm kind of crazy,
But I know that you are too.
We had eachother,
To dream those crazy dreams,
Road trips, and fancy cars,
And so much in between.

Some say our time's to end,
And that our journey's through,
And I will soon forget all the times I spent with you. 

But all this is only what we're told,
We know that when it's done,
We'll always have each other
Our hearts remaining one.

We're  riding on the wings of change,
He flips and banks and turns,
We hold on tight, and persevere,
Our love will always burn.


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  1. Song lyrics, so if they sound weird in your head, that's why. :)