Monday, April 8, 2013


Yup. College. It's for reals.

     I never thought that one day I would be goin' to school when I was 18. I thought that I would be colonizing Mars, or living in southern France, both of which would be ridiculously awesome. However, I'm kinda glad that I'm here. At school, that is. I've learned some things, I guess.

1. Bananas grow on trees.

2. Hawaii is off the west coast....not by Florida.

3. Chocolate cake is always acceptable.

4. Some people (me) don't wanna grow up.

5. Who studies in the library?

6. Don't live a mile.5 away from campus.

7. Bring your guitar to school. It's a good distraction from the unnecessary.

8. Facebook.

9. Don't be OCD, cause then if you can't think of 10 things to put on "things you've learned list" it drives you crazy and you put something stupid like,

10. I love selective members of One Direction.

     So ya, I learned some stuff. But one of probably the biggest things I've learned is probably that it's all gonna work out. Life's a collage of bad stuff and good stuff and boring stuff and sometimes all that is confusing, but at one point, you're gonna be like, Hey. This is gonna be good. It's fine. It'll all work out.
                                            So give someone a hug, smile, and be weird, cause that's
                                                              what people are made for.