Sunday, August 19, 2012

Singin', Dancin', and Kissin' in the rain.

Provo, UT:
Current Temperature: 70 F
Forecast (Tonight): Cloudy; 30% chance of thunderstorms.


A measly 30%. Oh gods of thunder and rain why curseth thou my existence on this earth?

                                            Rain is my ultimate favorite thing.

You can make street shadows
Or dance,
Or stick your tongue out (until you get a raindrop in your eye.)
You can scream when there is a huge clap of thunder
You can try to take a picture of lightening. (Which never really works).
You can imitate the final dance in Step Up. (Try. Try to imitate it)
You can ride your bike.
                                      You can stand in the gutter and float boats or rubber duckies in it.

                                                             You can KISS.

         Or. You can watch the weather report SAY it's going to rain, and watch out your window simultaneously, and be continually disappointed till 3 o'clock in the morning when you finally drift off to sleep.

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