Friday, July 11, 2014

Stormy Weather

For some bizarre reason, whenever there are clouds and a slight drizzle, I get in this contemplative mood. So I sit here, and type up some advice for myself while the epiphany lasts. Here are some things about life that we all should know. I think it's becoming cliche to say things along the lines of "I know this is cliche, but...." but I don't really mind being cliche. I think it's totally mainstream and cool. #makingmainstreamcool #beforeitremergesascool

1. First off: if you're going to do something, do it and be amazing. Nothing is more impressive to me than someone who found their passion and pursued it with all they had just because they loved it. Even if you don't become the best, if you've done your best, your best will be enough to make you happy, which is the most important thing. 

Pele- "Every kid around the world who plays soccer wants to be Pele. I have a great responsibility to show them not just how to be like a soccer player, but how to be like a man."

2. L.I.V.E
      An acronym for how life should be lived.
L: Lusciously. No, don't just buy all the things. I believe a luscious life can be lived in a sub-Saharan hut or a penthouse apartment in New York. The ability to find luscious qualities about your circumstances is something that can make or break a satisfied outlook on life (I've got to find another word for life, it's gonna get old real quick). 
I kinda really want to be like her.
I:  Involved. If there's anything I've learned about this existence, it's that YOU are in charge of how involved you are. So many times I've missed out on things and blamed it on someone not making the effort to involve me or reach out to be my friend. This is a symptom of laziness. If you feel left out, it's because you're not making an effort to be let in. Be friendly, reach out to others, always be kind, etc. If you're this kind of person rather than a pity party in the corner, you'll not only be more happy with your current relationships, but will perhaps assist in brightening the day of someone else. 
Enjoy Life     
V: Vivaciously. Building off that last one, seriously if you are happy and try to have a positive and excited attitude about this time in which we are alive, you will have so much more fun. I live the 3 second 5 minute rule: you've got 3 seconds to be annoyed or mad, then you decide whether, in 5 minutes, this thing will influence the rest of your journey or not and whether it will be worth being sad or angry any longer. It happens all the time, where we just blow up or sit there and mope for forever, and then regret that time lost later. So just take your 3 seconds, judge your 5 minutes and move on to the bigger and better. 
good thoughts..            Winnie the Pooh
E: Eclectically. Technically meaning "selecting or choosing from various sources," I choose this word to mean something along the lines of DON'T JUST BE IN YOUR OWN LITTLE BUBBLE ALL YOUR LIFE. I was this person. I was in my own little head, sitting in my little house, in my little city, in my little state watching How I Met Your Mother and various David Bowie films for a lot of my life. I believe that there is a section of happiness that comes from exotic encounters. Expanding your horizons, choosing to be influenced by "various sources." For some, this means travel the world. For others, like me, who also want to travel but have no money, it means to take the time to value eclecticism. Read the news, learn how to belly dance, create your own tea ceremony, be an eclectic person, made up of different things or skills or anything. Don't just become really good at basket-weaving and think that's all the accomplishment one needs in life. Well-roundedness. That's the key. 

I was going to go on, but even I got sick of reading this. So anyways, live your life my friend. 

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